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Severance, Waivers & Contracts

Employees may face situations where they need to consult with an experienced employment attorney regarding legal documents that their employer is asking them to sign, or that they already have signed.  These may include SEVERANCE PACKAGES, WAIVERS, NON-COMPETE AGREEMENTS and EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS.  These agreements or contracts often contain provisions that significantly affect an employee’s current job, his or her future career, or even what an employee can or cannot say publicly about their work for an employer.  In most cases these are intended to be legally binding documents and, as such, employees should be fully informed before signing them.  Employees should also fully understand their obligations if they do sign such documents as serious penalties could apply if these obligations are not met.

  • SEVERANCE PACKAGES and  WAIVERS.  When employees are terminated, laid off or otherwise separate from their jobs, their employer may offer them a severance package.  These will usually include a waiver of all legal claims an employee may have against the employer.  In these situations employees should consult with an attorney to understand the promises they are making if they sign the severance agreement.  They should also assess with an attorney any legal claims they are giving up as part of the waiver in the severance agreement to ensure that they are being fairly compensated for that waiver.
  • NON-COMPETE AGREEMENTS.  Employers may ask their employees to sign an agreement limiting who they may work for, or what type of work they may perform, in the future.  These agreements cannot be taken lightly as they can have a serious impact on an employee’s career and his or her ability to earn a living.  These agreements, as proposed by an employer, may contain unfair limitations, or be too broad in geographic scope or in the duration of time that they are in effect.  Before signing a non-compete agreement, or even if it has already been signed, employees should understand the limitations the agreement imposes on their future job opportunities and only agree to terms that are fair to both parties.
  • EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS and WRONGFUL DISCHARGE.  There are many jobs or professions where employees and employers both sign a contract which states the terms of a particular job, including the compensation, job duties and conditions under which an employee may be discharged.  In most cases those contracts are legally binding.  Employees who have been offered an employment contract, who are re-negotiating such a contract, or who believe their employer violated the employment contract between them should know their rights and responsibilities under that contract.  This is especially critical for employees who believe they have been wrongfully discharged in breach of their employment contract.

QUESTIONS ABOUT SEVERANCE PACKAGES, WAIVERS, NON-COMPETE AGREEMENTS, EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS, or WRONGFUL DISCHARGE?  FARRELL LAW has the knowledge and experience to provide answers.  Attorney Michael Farrell has advised employees regarding such agreements and assisted them in negotiating terms acceptable to them.

CONTACT FARRELL LAW to set up a consultation with Miami severance, waivers and contracts attorney Michael Farrell to discuss your questions and concerns about these issues.  He will take the time necessary to explain each provision of a legal document you are considering and to ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities if you decide to sign it.

Please call Attorney Michael Farrell directly at (305) 390-0570 or email him directly at mfarrell@mjfarrelllaw.com to discuss rates for such a consultation and to set up an expedited appointment in order to meet any deadlines that may apply.